Loctite® QuickTape™ 249™ is an anaerobic threadlocker tape. Dry to the touch and packaged in a 260-inch roll, this medium-strength tape provides the same reliable performance of liquid threadlockers but can be carried in a pocket or toolbox. The tape can also be pre-applied to fasteners for future assembly.

Neat, clean and mess-free, QuickTape 249 is applied like any other tape product; simply peel the low-tack tape from the spool and wrap it around the fastener’s threads. The size of the fastener determines the number of wraps required for secure locking and sealing. For example, a 3/8-inch bolt requires two to three overlapping wraps, applied to the area where the nut and bolt will meet. For blind hole applications, QuickTape is applied to the entire length of the bolt.

Loctite QuickTape 249 is a general-purpose threadlocker that is removable with hand tools. It fixtures in 30 minutes with full cure achieved in 24 hours, and offers operating temperatures ranging from -65°F to 300°F.

More information:www.useloctite.com/tape