Arch Chemicals, Inc. has announced the opening of its new Asia Pacific Marine Laboratory in Osaka, Japan. The facility, which is close to key Japanese marine paint customers, has been established to maximize technical expertise in the ongoing development of antifouling paint technology and will include work with self-polishing polymers and net coatings for aquaculture applications. Concurrently, the Arch Osaka sales office will relocate to the same facility as the new Marine Laboratory.

"We are pleased with the opening of the Osaka Laboratory, as it will be instrumental in supporting our global customers for Arch's antifouling biocides in Asia. We also plan to use the center to assist in the development of new products for use in antifouling paints and aquaculture applications," said Bob Martin, Global Business director for Arch's Antifouling Biocides Business. "The creation of the Osaka location further solidifies Arch's commitment to service and strengthens our position as a global industry leader in the advancement of marine antifouling technology."

"Arch's dedication to its customers and product innovation is unmatched," said Paul Kappock, Global Technology Service manager for Arch's Antifouling Biocides Business. "The new center not only provides an improved, centralized location, enabling us to better address customer requirements, but it also allows us to fuse the talents of our representatives in Osaka with those in our Osaka sales office -- creating a purposeful team poised to introduce products that will be of notable value to the global antifouling market."

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