MV PosiTrap®Vacuum Inlet Traps feature user-selectable filter elements that remove corrosive and abrasive particles from the vacuum stream to protect vacuum pumps in applications up to 50 cfm.  Positively sealed at both ends to prevent “blow-by,” the filter elements come in a variety of specialized media that are easy to change and can be tailored to different processes.

Equipped with quick-release clamps, MV PosiTrap®Vacuum Inlet Traps can be changed in-line and come in 4” and 8” dia. straight-through and right-angle models that hold one and four filter elements each.  Filter types include stainless steel and copper gauze, molecular sieve, activated charcoal, and pleated polypropylene in 2-, 5-, and 20-mm pore sizes, and Sodasorb®.

MV Posi-Trap®Vacuum Inlet Traps are priced from $ 195.00(list) for the 4” model and $ 645.00 for the 8” model, depending upon the filter elements selected.  Literature and pricing are available upon request.

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