This company has announced the availability of its new Model PD-100 Sanitary PowerMix mixer for the development of viscous pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food products requiring a combination of slow- and high-speed agitation.

The patented PowerMix combines a low-speed planetary stirrer with a conventional high-speed disperser.  Both agitators revolve on their own axes as well as a common axis. The high-speed blade provides an internal shearing action, while the planetary stirrer continually moves material into the high-speed blade. The action of the planetary blade also removes material from the tank wall to ensure good heat transfer during the mixing process.

The unit shown is constructed in stainless steel to enable easy cleaning between batches. Also included are a jacketed mix vessel mounted on non-sparking caster wheels, a specially designed and machined vacuum hood enclosure, and openings for charging of raw materials. Internal pressure operation is also available up to 15 psi.

The PowerMix is available in many sizes from ½-gal to 750-gal working capacity. Vacuum design, a selection of materials of construction, complete control systems, wall scrapers, sanitary designs, and more are available to suit the needs of each client.

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