When refrigeration experts working for Jadeco Co. need an adhesive that works in cold temperature and is easy to apply, they use VentureClad cooler repair tape from Venture tape.

When refrigeration contractors working for Jim Brennan, co-owner of Tampa-based Jadeco Co. commercial refrigeration company, need an adhesive that works in cold temperatures and is easy to apply, they use VentureClad cooler repair tape from Venture Tape.

VentureClad 1577CW is a zero-perm, washable, conformable, mold-resistant cooler repair tape that can be applied in temperatures well below 0°F. It is a hybrid of Venture Tape’s innovative VentureClad outdoor product and is specifically designed for refrigeration repair, making maintenance easier and helping facility owners avoid costly shutdowns.

“We use it all the time and are very impressed,” Brennan says. “We use the cooler repair tape when we change out evaporators to seal holes and to give a neat, clean look. It holds really well and we’ve seen no deterioration.”

Two of Jadeco’s largest customers are major supermarket chains in the area. “We use it with our largest customers and are beginning to use it with other customers who see the results and are now starting to ask for it,” Brennan says. “VentureClad 1577 works really well with sealing coolers where we want to cover the seams. It’s ease to use, it’s commonly in stock and it’s reasonably priced. We keep it in all of our trucks and use mostly the silver and white versions. We’ll usually see a breakdown of product after a few months, but so far we’ve seen none.”

This particular application resulted from in-field inquiries and complaints about the cumbersome process of repairing in-store cooler units, according to Chuck Bronner, Venture Tape HVAC product manager. “When you have these cracks, you have to empty the cooler, move your inventory elsewhere, do an after-hours overtime repair, and oftentimes cause additional labor for in-store staff,” Bronner says. “VentureClad is easy to use and requires no advanced preparation.”

Typically, refrigeration cases are bolted together at the ceiling and sides, where dirt and mildew can form. Caulking these areas is unattractive and doesn’t work. The facility owner risks being cited by local health officials and having to replace the cooler unit, which can be costly and time intensive. VentureClad prevents seam leakage and is the only product available that performs in cold temperatures. It is coated with Venture Tape’s patented “CW” cold weather acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive system, which combines quick stick at normal temperatures and superior performance down to -10