Dow Automotive Systems has significantly reduced the AGRSS-compliant drive-away times of its BETASEALTMU-400HV and BETASEAL U-418HV conventional-cure, glass-bonding adhesives by 25-50% or more, depending upon temperature and humidity conditions. This will make it easier for glass shops to be AGRSS-compliant while increasing their daily production, reducing their risk and safely returning vehicles more quickly to their customers at no additional cost or changes in application procedures.

Conventional-cure adhesives such as the BETASEAL U-400HV and BETASEAL U-418HV systems rely on temperature, humidity, and time to cure.  As a result, safe drive-away times vary considerably depending on temperature and humidity. Between 70°F to 80°F and 50-70% relative humidity, the new drive-away time for BETASEAL U-400HV is three hours, or 25% faster than the previous time of four hours. For the same conditions, the new drive-away time for BETASEAL U-418HV is four hours, or 50% faster than the previous time of eight hours.

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