Henkel has introduced Frekote® Aqualine® RS-100™, a water-based sealer designed to seal micro-porosity in steel and chrome-plated molds. This clear liquid product provides a good base coat and increases mold release capacity. When used in technical rubber applications, the sealer increases the number of mold releases by as many as six times on steel molds and up to 12 times on chrome molds in comparison to traditional sealers.

Aqualine RS-100 is formulated for high thermal stability, withstanding temperatures to 698°F. This sealer can be applied at temperatures between 199°F and 401°F, curing in 15-20 minutes. The sealer is available in 1- and 5-gal containers, and is applied through a low-pressure spray system for easy application in higher temperatures.

For moreinformation, visitwww.henkelna.com/frekotepr.