I took my daughter and a friend to a Cleveland Indians game this past weekend. As the game began, I found myself studying the massive scoreboard and wondering how many different adhesives had been used to put it together. Then I started looking around the stadium itself, at the seats, the food carts, the club boxes, the walls and ceilings-and then my daughter elbowed me and told me to pay attention to the game.

The truth is, structural adhesives are literally everywhere we look, in applications as far-ranging as aerospace and transportation to construction and renewable energy. Today’s design engineers are discovering the many benefits that structural adhesives can offer over traditional mechanical fastening methods. Learn more in “Joining Technology of the Future” on pp. 24-29.

“A Better Bond” shares the story of a new acrylic adhesive that was recently developed for boat hull construction. The adhesive provides the required flexibility and durability while simplifying application. The full story can be found on pp. 30-31. In addition, methacrylates are finding increased use in a number of structural applications, particularly for those that involve the joining of two dissimilar materials (see “Structural Methacrylates,” pp. 32-35).

Trade associations play a vital role in developing and strengthening the structure of the industry, and this month we’re previewing several key upcoming events. Don’t miss our look at The Adhesive & Sealant Council, Inc.’s (ASC) Fall Convention & Expo in this issue (p. 20). (On a personal note, I’m looking forward to seeing you all in Covington!) We’re also featuring coverage of FEICA’s 2010 Conference and the AAT Expo online atwww.adhesivesmag.com.