A new veneer/vinyl laminating system from this company incorporates a hot-melt roller coater, powered lay-up conveyor, and rotary laminator. Maximum panel sizes can be up to 60 in. wide x 120 in. long and 4 in. thick.

The new laminating system runs hand-fed core materials, such as plywood, medium-density fiberboard and some metals like aluminum, through a hot-melt roller coater. Adhesive is applied in a smooth, controlled amount to the top of the core material, with the material coming out on a semi-automatic lay-up conveyor. The conveyor moves the coated core to a common edge guide to ensure proper positioning of the veneer top layer and delivers the core to a backstop. The upper veneer rack conveyor is angled and adjustable to help the operator ensure proper delivery of the top laminate layer. Upper and lower rolls fit the upper veneer and lower laminated core together. The lower powered conveyor feeds the laminated panel to the rotary laminating press to deliver the final product.

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