This company, a business unit of The Dow Chemical Co., now offers Metatin Katalysator 1230 Catalyst, a dimethyltin catalyst that was developed as a new option for companies using dibutyltin and dioctylin catalysts.

The new catalyst offers excellent reactivity and ease of formulation in products ranging from polyurethanes to polysilicones. It can replace dioctyltin catalysts and dibutyltin catalysts, according to the company. Metatin Katalysator 1230 is self classified as CMR Cat 3, pending ECHA review.

“When compared to the performance benefits of other organometallic compounds, Metatin Katalysator 1230 Catalyst performs better than existing dibutyltin catalysts,” said Cord Manegold, marketing manager. “The key benefit is a fast and reliable response, as well as having one of the more favorable regulatory profiles among organotin catalysts.”

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