A new jet dispensing system for manufacturing side-view LEDs is available. The system jets 0.1 to 0.2 mm dots through windows as small as 0.4 mm into the LED cavities. Side-view LEDs illuminate the displays in devices such as tablet computers, smart phones and e-readers.

Nordson ASYMTEK’s Spectrum™ S-920N jetting system automatically maintains a consistent shot weight with software-managed dispense parameters. Closed-loop dispensing eliminates the need for time-consuming operator adjustment. Unlike other multi-headed needle dispensing systems, this system is reportedly easier to set up and maintain in production, keeping the process under machine control.

The system uses a jet for non-contact dispensing. Unlike a needle, the jet retracts much less for silicone break-off and, therefore, shoots multiple shots faster, increasing speed and throughput. The jet’s small, controlled drops of fluid reach tight cavities consistently and reliably, unlike needles that have orifices larger than the cavity windows of side-view LEDs.

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