This company has completed the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 746C QOQW2 Polymeric Adhesive Systems, Electrical Equipment-Component Recognition Program, for its back rail bonding adhesives used to manufacture solar panels. PV-RH275 is a patent-pending (material and process) adhesive for attaching back rails to solar modules. This same material recently passed the performance and long-term durability tests of the IEC 61646 standard. The adhesive was formulated to meet the high-temperature performance and lean manufacturing needs of customers attaching back rails to their solar modules.

“As our solar customers continue to move toward higher performance, faster processing materials for back rail bonding applications, H.B. Fuller focused on developing innovative products that reduce manufacturing costs and meet performance requirements of the final product,” said Ralph Velazquez, business development manager, Advanced Materials. “This product addresses solar customers’ design needs and meets the applicable requirements as a UL-recognized component.”

PV-RH275 is a one-part reactive hot-melt material that can impart high initial bonds and allow for rapid processing of the solar module to the next step in the manufacturing process.

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