3M announced has acquired the business of Nida-Core Corp., a manufacturer of structural honeycomb core and fiber-reinforced foam core materials based in Port St. Lucie, FL. 3M’s Engineered Products and Solutions Department (EP&S), a department of IATD led by Vic Genco, general manager, will be the new reporting unit for Nida-Core within 3M. EP&S delivers engineered products and solutions into differentiated industrial applications, including composite resins, industrial fastening solutions, and other innovative solutions for industry.

“The acquisition of Nida-Core will allow us to build immediately upon our composite and engineered materials product portfolio,” said Patrick Deconinck, vice president and general manager, Industrial Adhesives and Tapes Division (IATD).

“Combining with 3M gives Nida-Core immediate access to 3M’s vast and global network,” said Damien Jacquinet, founder and president of Nida-Core. “I am personally very excited by the potential future growth of Nida-Core within 3M, and have committed to stay onboard to participate in the business. 3M’s proprietary portfolio of films and adhesives, combined with Nida-Core’s wide range of core materials, can produce an impressive range of solutions for general industrial applications and emerging composites applications. We’ve already experienced high growth this past decade, but 3M will help speed up our development in major industries, such as wind blades and public transportation.”

For additional details, visitwww.3m.comorwww.nida-core.com.