FLEXcon recently announced that its backsheets are being used by Unconquered Sun Solar Technologies as part of a newly certified solar module. Unconquered Sun will incorporate FLEXcon multiGUARD® KPE into its photovoltaic panels. FLEXcon’s backsheets meet UL approval.

FLEXcon’s product allows Unconquered Sun to comply with the Ontario FIT and microFIT programs, which support renewable energy projects and provide a streamlined way to connect a project and receive payment for the electricity produced. In addition, it the product or the programs? will send it power? to the province’s electricity distribution system.

Unconquered Sun will incorporate FLEXcon multiGUARD KPE W12 backsheet into its 220, 230 and 240 Watt Windsor Series™ modules.

“FLEXcon’s backsheets are a key component in the manufacturing of our solar panels,” said Sean Moore, CEO of Unconquered Sun Solar Technologies. “As a result of working with FLEXcon, we are now certified to proceed with filling commercial orders under the FIT and microFIT Programs and support green energy initiatives.”

“FLEXcon’s half-a-century of experience in developing adhesives and laminates has allowed us to transfer that knowledge and innovation into the development of backsheets for solar panels,” said Michelle Ostiguy, Market Development specialist for FLEXcon. “We’re excited to work with Unconquered Sun Solar Technologies to help them meet compliance and deliver the best-quality solar panel products in the market.”

For additional details, visitwww.flexcon.comorwww.unconqueredsun.org.