Victrex Polymer Solutions and Kuramoto Sangyo Co., a pressure-sensitive sheet manufacturer, have developed a high-resolution laser marking pressure-sensitive label using Victrex APTIV™ film. The VICTREX® PEEK™ polymer-based laser marking label is targeted for use in electronic and automotive label applications that need heat and chemical resistance, as well as for medical device labels that are used in high-temperature steam and chemical sterilization and cleansing processes.

The high-heat-resistant label uses heat-resistant acrylic adhesive with Victrex’s high-performance APTIV film as the substrate. The label can adhere to a range of surfaces, such as steel, ceramics and glass. The label is printed using the MX-V1000, a high-resolution laser marker made by the Omron Corp. A variety of label colors and thicknesses are available, including standard 50-micron and thin 25-micron label stock.

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