Premier Industrial Supply recently announced it has opened a second facility in North Canton, Ohio. The new 25,000-sq-ft facility will serve as a dedicated sales and distribution center, in addition to the company’s original distribution center in North Phoenix.

The company plans to expand production capacity for its hybrid sealant products at its manufacturing facility, also located in North Canton, in response to customer demand, particularly from those seeking “green” and low-VOC products. Several 300-gal mixers have been installed, allowing for growth in manufacturing capacity. In addition to hybrid expansion, the company has established two additional automated high-speed cartridge fillers in response to the demand for its acetoxy and neutral-cure silicone sealant.

“These investments in capacity expansion will allow us to bring innovative technologies and products to an industry seeking green friendly, low-VOC products with quick turnaround times,” said Derek Miller, president. “Our customers will benefit from our continued investments in our facility and manufacturing processes which will result in alternative performances and characteristics to those looking for such.”

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