The Ross Solids/Liquid Injection Manifold (SLIM) is a high-shear mixer system designed to prevent the formation of agglomerates and “fish eyes” in thickened solutions. This method of powder induction uses a specially engineered rotor/stator assembly that reportedly generates a powerful vacuum for drawing solids into the mix chamber. The liquid stream enters the mixer and immediately encounters the powder addition under intense shear conditions. The resulting dispersion is expelled centrifugally through the stator openings at high velocity. Stubborn agglomerates and “fish eyes” are reportedly prevented from forming. The sub-surface addition of solids also eliminates the occurrence of floating powders in batch tanks.

A “hose and wand” attachment to the powder inlet of the SLIM can allow operators to draw lightweight, free-flowing powders straight from within the bulk container. For faster induction rates, solids are loaded into a hopper located right above the mix chamber.

Shown is a 3-A certified, 25-HP portable inline SLIM unit with hopper attachment. At the end of a cycle, the unit can be cleaned in place and moved to a different tank. Other installations hard-pipe the inline mixer to multiple batch tanks, and simple valves are used to divert finished product downstream or switch instantly from the source vessel to another. Inline SLIM mixers reportedly eliminate the need for an auxiliary pump in most applications. The Ross SLIM technology is also available on batch style rotor/stators.

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