Momentive Performance Materials Inc. recently announced a collaboration initiative with Specialty Silicone Fabricators (SSF) to develop combination products for medical device manufacturers. The collaboration brings together Momentive Performance Materials’ advanced silicone elastomer technology with SSF’s expertise in silicone extrusion and medical device assembly.

“Silicone is an ideal matrix material to consider for a wide range of healthcare applications, and our UV cure technology will enable manufacturers to consider a much broader range of ingredients in their silicone mixtures,” said Lynn Colucci-Mizenko, global marketing director for Momentive Performance Materials. “We have conducted successful trials with SSF to optimize the UV curing extrusion process, and the results have confirmed our high expectations.”

The combined focus also takes advantage of SSF’s experience and capabilities in the manufacture of custom silicone components and parts for the medical device industry. Licensed to operate as a drug manufacturing facility and registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, SSF is planning to expand its API/drug eluting device production into another clean room that will house its own extrusion line and a larger press to meet growing customer demand.

“We see the market for combination devices as a major opportunity for innovation,” said Mark Paulsen, director of Business Development for SSF. “By combining our specialized resources and expertise in medical devices with Momentive Performance Materials’ platform technology, we are well-positioned to help customers explore their most promising possibilities in combination drug products.”

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