The Adhesive and Sealant Council (ASC) recently announced its Spring Convention and Expo set records, with 515 attendees registering for the convention, short course, or Expo events. The event, which took place April 17-19 in Tampa, FL, featured four end-user keynote addresses, 43 technical sessions, a two-day hot melts short course and 53 exhibiting companies. The technical presentations explored topics including wind energy, raw material trends, emerging government regulations and innovative formulations.

“The focused technical presentations, expanding economy and attractive Tampa Bay climate led to a perfect storm of supply chain interaction,” said Matthew E. Croson, president. “Records are nice to achieve, but all conventions and expo experiences are singular in nature, and we are pleased to note that evaluations are coming back to the council with positive feedback from attendees on the quality of information shared, and networking opportunities developed.

“We were pleased to have leaders from Avon, Ford, ICIS Chemical Business, and CMAI join a variety of supplier members, market research providers, and other industry leaders as we collected the wisdom of the industry together to explore new ideas, emerging markets and innovative solutions.”

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