Chemsultants International announced that July 15 will mark the 25th anniversary of the company’s founding. Richard P. Muny started the company in 1986 as a one-man pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) consultancy; Chemsultants has since become a premier product and service provider to industries worldwide.

The company began in a 550-sq-foot rented office space in Painesville, Ohio; it now includes two companies and employs 33 people. Chemsultants International Inc. and ChemInstruments Inc. both focus on the areas of adhesives, specialty coatings, polymers, and materials.

Chemsultants International provides a variety of services, including physical and analytical testing, product development, contract research, consulting, education and training, process development and optimization, specialty pilot coating, and small-scale manufacturing of web-coated materials. A 10-acre technology campus in Mentor, Ohio, serves as the corporate headquarters for Chemsultants International, and includes the research facility and coating production operations.

ChemInstruments is located in Fairfield, Ohio, and manufactures an extensive line of pressure-sensitive adhesive test equipment, materials characterization equipment and lab sample preparation equipment for product development in the PSA industry.

Chemsultants International is a family-owned and operated business. It has realized double-digit sales growth each year for 25 years through the expansion of core company product lines and services, penetration of new markets (e.g., energy, electronics and medical devices), and strategic acquisitions. Chemsultants International acquired and absorbed Adhesive Consultants Inc. in 2003, and ChemInstruments acquired the Tantec® line of contact angle meters in 2004. Chemsultants International has been recognized for its business growth and success four separate times in the past eight years by the Case Western Reserve University Weatherhead School of Business.

“We are proud to have reached this milestone in our company history,” said Gary Avalon, COO. “While Dick Muny has retired from day-to-day activity in the business, all of us who are part of Chemsultants and ChemInstruments are carrying on the entrepreneurial spirit that was the basis for the founding of the company and is the basis for our continuing success.”

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