PSTC recently announced it has awarded the 2011 Carl Dahlquist Award to Timothy E. Long, Ph.D., professor, Department of Chemistry, Macromolecules and Interfaces Institute, Virginia Tech. The award is named for Dahlquist, who developed the Dahlquist criterion of tack, which determines the modulus value of a material necessary for it to be low enough and tacky enough to be considered a pressure-sensitive adhesive.

The Dahlquist Award is given to a speaker during the PSTC’s Week of Learning Technical Conference (TECH 34). The recipient, following the evaluation of a panel of judges, demonstrates the best in research relating to adhesive tape technology. The selection covers a range of criteria, concentrating on originality and scientific contribution, but also includes presentation and quality of visuals.

Long presented “Polyesters for Sustainable Adhesive Technologies: From PSAs to Thermoplastic Elastomers” at the PSTC TECH 34 technical seminar. His paper was one of 25 presented during the three-day technical seminar.

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