A new emulsion acrylic adhesive designed for pressure-sensitive applications that require excellent adhesion to low-energy surfaces and excellent water resistance is now available. SYNTHEBOND™ 7201 LSE uses proprietary emulsion technology to create a new polymer with low-energy substrate wetting, blush resistance and optical clarity, together with a strong balance of peel and shear properties. In addition, the adhesive is alkylphenol ethoxylate (APEO)-free.

SYNTHEBOND 7201 LSE’s formula creates strong adhesion to low-energy surfaces without the use of tackifiers. The exclusion of tackifiers allows the adhesive to maintain its excellent optical clarity and color stability, while also enabling its water resistance and high adhesion after prolonged exposure to water or high humidity. The adhesive can reportedly be easily customized and formulated to meet a variety of converting needs.

For more information, visit ww2.momentive.com/AcrylicAdhesives.