A new line of performance filling machines can provide semi-automatic, net weight filling for packaging liquids such as adhesives and sealants into plastic or metal containers ranging in size from a half pint to 5 gal. Features include a rigid steel frame construction, pneumatic controls, Rice Lake touch pad weight control, and single- or double-filling positions.

The container is tared and automatically filled by net weight. After the containers are filled, lids can be manually placed and moved onto the powered conveyor, where the friction lids are sealed as the container passes under the roller closer.

Options include top fill, bottom up filling, Class 1/Div 1, Direct Fill System (DFS™), plastic and metal container closers, and custom conveyor layouts. Please contact us to hear about additional options or for more information.

For more information, phone (608) 241-1118 or visitwww.ideal-pak.com.