A new electrically conductive adhesive (ECA) is reportedly compatible with lower cost, tin-terminated components to enable more cost-effective assembly processes. ABLESTIK ICP-3535M1 is a one-component, pre-mixed ECA that can provide low and stable contact resistance when used with 100% tin-terminated components.

Benefits of ECAs include lower temperature processability, more streamlined manufacturing techniques, lower stress assemblies and regulatory-compliant lead-free formulations. Historically, one of the few drawbacks associated with ECAs has been their inability to cope with non-noble metals on component terminations, making them useful primarily with palladium silver-, silver-, or gold-finished components. ABLESTIK ICP-3535M1 reportedly delivers all of the aforementioned benefits with the added advantage of tin compatibility, thereby enabling high-performance and cost-efficient processes.

The adhesive is suitable for a variety of automotive applications, and has relevance for any environment where high reliability and cost reduction targets are important as well. These may include the aerospace sector, wireless datacom infrastructure (WDI) products, security devices, lighting technology and others.

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