Celocor™ is a new voided opaque polymer that can impart hiding and functions as a partial replacement for titanium dioxide (TiO2). Compared to competitive opacifiers with similar functionality, the opaque polymer reportedly offers a more balanced approach to performance attributes such as tint strength, gloss development, burnish resistance and scrub resistance.

“We recognize that the cost and availability of TiO2 are among the most important issues that coatings formulators are facing today,” said Eric Kaiser, Global Marketing director. “Celocor opaque polymer gives paint developers more formulating options in their approach to TiO2 reduction.”

The opaque polymer can provide an effective way to reduce raw material costs and improve hiding in a range of products, including interior or exterior coatings from flat to semigloss. It has low odor, contains no added APE surfactants or formaldehyde and is compatible with low-VOC (0-50 g/l) formulations.

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