Avery Dennison ThinStream(TM) reportedly allows the die-cutting of labels with a liner as thin as 12 microns. ThinStream technology can also eliminate die strikes, which are a major quality concern. The patented technology for ThinStream has been licensed to the Gallus Group, which has created the Gallus Cold Die Unit to accomplish this advance in die-cutting technology.

Previously, die-cutting liner with calipers below 23 microns was impossible. With conventional kiss-cutting, the die can cut through the liner and cause operational and quality problems during converting and dispensing. The ThinStream technology reportedly overcomes this challenge. It separates the face stock from the liner before die-cutting, cuts the label shape through the adhesive and then reassembles the label. In order to make a “clean cut,” the machine uses a cold die unit, which is kept below freezing to prevent the adhesive sticking to the die.

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