A new, zero-VOC foam control agent, FOAM BLAST® 4201, has been introduced to meet the performance challenges of today’s more environmentally conscious waterborne architectural and industrial coatings, graphic arts, and other latex polymer applications. The alkyl phenol ethoxylate (APE)-free defoamer is reportedly effective in a range of coatings and graphic arts formulations, including flat, high gloss, clear, and pigmented systems in both the grind and let-down stages.

“Today’s low- and no-VOC formulations require new foam control solutions,” said Thomas Penny, technical manager of Industrial Foam Control products. “We found that many defoamers on the market were losing a significant level of efficacy over time in the new low- and zero-VOC coatings systems. FOAM BLAST 4201 provides a number of performance advantages that customers are seeking, including its effectiveness in delivering long-term foam suppression at lower dosage rates than antifoam products currently on the market.”

When tested in a range of formulated resin systems from 0 to 50 g/l VOC, lower dosages of FOAM BLAST 4201 reportedly provided excellent, longer lasting foam control. The material also can eliminate the need for separate foam-control products, offering a single foam-control solution.

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