Scott Bader’s Europe Composites Division recently announced it has made further capital investments to expand the gelcoats and structural adhesives mixer capacity of its UK and French plants. Two new mixers have been installed and are now fully operational.

The new mixer in the Wollaston, UK, plant is designed for the production of the company’s Crestabond range of primerless methyl methacrylate (MMA) structural adhesives, which were launched in 2010. The additional capacity was reportedly installed in response to the significant growth in sales and new orders over the last 18 months for both 400 ml coaxial cartridges of Crestabond and bulk 20 liter pails or 200 liter drums for use with proprietary dosing machines.

In Amiens, France, an additional large-volume gelcoat mixer has been installed. The new mixer has provided extra production capacity for the wide range of specialty Crystic gelcoats produced on the site.

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