This company recently introduced a product offering targeted at residential building and remodeling professionals and contractors. The Spec Line™ is reportedly the first full line of sealants and adhesives designed specifically to help professionals meet industry specifications for each job by including the required spec as part of the product name. With numeric labels that match proven industry specification standards, professionals can reportedly select the best product for each job application. The Spec Line is also the company’s first complete product line designed for window and siding installations and applications.

“We developed The Spec Line of products to meet the needs of professionals who can trust the product will not only meet industry specifications but also provide the quality and proven end-user experience that people know they can count on from DAP,” said Mark Longo, vice president and general manager of the WDS Division. “The Spec Line takes the guesswork out of the purchasing process, and professionals can be certain they are getting the right product for the job every time.”

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