This business group of the Dow Chemical Co. now offers BIOBAN(TM) 551S, a new generation of in-can preservative based on its new antimicrobial active ingredient, MBIT (2-methyl-1,2-benzisothiazol-3(2H)-one).

“It is truly rare when a new active ingredient comes onto the biocides market,” said Rick Strittmatter, global R&D director. “The last new active for in-can preservation was developed last century. With MBIT we are changing the game by addressing some of the most pressing microbial contamination challenges with a new chemistry.”

BIOBAN 551S is a synergetic combination of MBIT and MIT that is reportedly effective at very low dosages across a broad pH range. The water-based and solvent-free material can provide paint and latex manufacturers with an in-can preservative for low-VOC and VOC-free water-based systems. It reportedly offers excellent chemical and thermal stability and does not release formaldehyde. In addition, the material’s active ingredients do not contain added organohalogens or heavy metals.

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