ACRYSOL™ DR-110 rheology modifier is a new HASE product that offers architectural paint formulators an alternative to hydrophobically modified hydroxyethyl cellulose (HMHEC). The product is now available for sampling.

“ACRYSOL DR-110 rheology modifier takes the best properties of ACRYSOL ASE thickeners and combines them with the benefits of ACRYSOL HASE associative rheology modifiers,” said Joan Schuller, North America general manager. “The result is an attractive alternative to HMHEC for thickening a full range of waterborne latex coatings, from flat to semi-gloss and across all binder types.”

The rheology modifier is manufactured without added solvent or the use of APEO surfactants. It is available in a high-solids, all-liquid form that can be added during any stage of paint making, including the letdown. In many formulations, it reportedly builds viscosity with noticeably better efficiency than either HMHEC or HEC, resulting in notable use-cost savings.

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