See-Cure GA-140-SC is a UV/visible-light-curable, form-in-place (FIP), cure-in-place (CIP) gasketing resin that can be used for applications requiring soft, tack-free, flexible gaskets for sealing fuel cells, critical electronic assemblies (such as LCD frame assemblies), and plastic assemblies. The product, which reportedly offers significant advantages over traditional gasketing materials, is a silicone-free, one-part resin that requires no mixing and can be dispensed into intricate and complex configurations. Its ability to be cured in-line can allow for increased production speed and throughput, lower processing costs, and reduced inventories.

GA-140-SC is a soft, low-outgassing gasket resin that can cure in seconds, conforms to intricate channels or recesses, and has excellent tear resistance for serviceable and limited-service applications. Designed for flat flanges, wide shallow grooves or flat surfaces, the FIP gaskets can eliminate the delay experienced with slow-curing resins and the design, inventory, and labor expense associated with pre-cut gaskets. 

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