Formulators of solventborne and UV coatings can reportedly achieve excellent slip and hand feel performance without causing decreased recoatability with a new line of Dow Corning® brand slip and leveling agents that are effective on wood, furniture, and plastics. Dow Corning® 205SL, 204SL and 401LS additives are multipurpose additives that can provide a range of solubilities and other characteristics at low addition levels and can enable formulators to develop tailored solutions for optimized performance in multiple resin systems and applications.

The 205SL additive reportedly gives excellent hand feel and also functions as an antifoam, while 204SL can provide the product line’s best-in-class slip performance in radiation-curable coatings and allows for low VOC levels and formulation flexibility. Dow Corning 401LS additive can offer improved slip performance, as well as good wetting and leveling properties without affecting coating clarity in solventborne formulations.

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