Recent technical upgrades from this company have reportedly enhanced the performance of surface insensitive and low odor/low bloom Loctite® Instant Adhesive products. Loctite 401™, 406™ and 454™ surface-insensitive instant adhesives can offer reliable long-term performance at elevated operating temperatures to 250ºF. Loctite 403™, 408™, 455™ and 460™ instant adhesives are reportedly the first low odor/low bloom products to maintain bond strength in high-humidity environments while delivering temperature resistance to 200ºF. 

For high-temperature applications, the three surface-insensitive instant adhesives can fixture in 15 seconds or less and retain their high bond strength at temperatures up to 250ºF. All three products cure rapidly on dry or acidic surfaces and bond reliably to a variety of substrates, including metals, plastics, and elastomers. Medium-viscosity/general-purpose, water-thin wicking, and non-drip gel formulations are available for a range of applications.

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