A new 1100 premium hot-melt carton sealing tape is available. Designed specifically for optimal closure of highly recycled corrugate, including 100% recycled box, the tape is manufactured with proprietary Corru-Grip™ adhesive technology.                

“More than 90% of all corrugated boxes are now recovered for recycling and the average percent of recycled content in a corrugated box is now greater than 40%,” said Cathy Foley of the American Forest & Paper Association. “The higher the percent of recycled content, the more challenging it is to seal the box. Recycled cartons have shorter, flatter fibers, and a much different chemical composition of its surface structure.”

The Corru-Grip™ adhesive formulation can reportedly seal boxes in wider ranges of temperature and humidity than traditional hot-melt carton sealing tape products.   

For additional information, visit www.itape.com.