For more than 50 years, Intertape Polymer Group’s Intertape® and American® products have been recognized by customers in the appliance industry for being the driving force in the design and delivery of innovative and high-quality tape products. These products are formulated to address unique customer needs. The IPG research and development team continues to develop tape and film technologies born from collaborative efforts with appliance manufacturers. The “new generation” of appliance tapes deploys the best technology we can bring against the most challenging problems we can find.

Since 2009, our team has partnered with appliance manufactures to create solutions that equip them with products that improve productivity and reduce cost. The tape offering to the appliance market has been slow to evolve with the changing needs of appliance manufacturers, such as the new textured and abrasion-resistant coatings. These coatings are difficult to adhere to, and IPG’s new APL145 addresses the need for increased adhesion while removing cleanly, thus preventing the need for appliance manufactures to invest in a costly finishing process and subsequent service calls.

IPG also took close note of the applications that don’t require maximum tensile strength and developed the first 2-mil tensilized polypropylene product designed specifically to address the needs of appliance manufacturers, resulting in additional cost savings. Many applications, such as backsplash protection, don’t require high tensile strength. IPG worked closely with manufactures to develop a product that performs in their demanding applications without sacrificing quality.

Appliance manufacturing facilities can source not only materials that are used in the production process, but also tapes used in virtually every aspect of the appliance packaging process. IPG provides reinforced clean removal tapes that are widely used in the appliance industry, foil and reflective duct tapes used in installations, double-coated permanent bond foam tapes for finishing process in appliance production, and baseloid tapes used for packaging large appliances.

IPG understands that large, national companies have unique needs. For some, making purchasing decisions are corporate functions, while for others, these decisions are made locally. To meet these varying needs, IPG has a Corporate Accounts Program focused on meeting specific customer requirements and exceeding their expectations. The Corporate Accounts Team can provide cost-saving initiatives, timely problem resolution, the ability to meet all tape and film needs from one source, and the benefit of having one contact person who understands company-specific needs. These efforts are designed to call attention to the solutions found in the company mix, together with the variety and convenience of doing business with IPG.

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