NuSil Technology LLC recently announced it has completed the fourth phase of expansion at its facility in Bakersfield, CA. The newest addition is NuSil’s fourth building on the 15-acre campus and is reportedly part of a multi-year plan to expand to a total of seven buildings.

“The expansion at Bakersfield is a long-term strategic decision for NuSil to help facilitate and maintain the growth of the company,” said Scott Mraz, president and CFO. “Our goal is to increase capacity with the best available manufacturing technology, and we have made significant investments in new energy-efficient buildings and processes to accomplish this goal.”

The new, 35,000-sq-ft building will primarily be occupied by Quality Assurance (QA) and an enlarged QA testing laboratory, providing extended floor space for Research and Development at another on-site location. The intent is to more than double the footprint of R&D to enhance the continued development of new siloxane technology. In addition, the building will serve as a corporate center for the Bakersfield facility’s Human Resources and Engineering departments.

NuSil also recently broke ground on the fifth phase of the expansion, with two new buildings and an additional 80,000 sq ft of manufacturing space scheduled to be completed in 2013 and 2015. These buildings are expected to increase production capacity to support growing demand across all of NuSil’s business units.

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