Zircotec recently announced it can offer a specific coating or heatshield tailored to the needs of engineers. ThermoHold® GOLD (for composites) and ZircoFlex® GOLD reportedly provide protection from both conductive and radiant heat sources due to a blend of ceramic insulation and real 24 carat gold, providing 98% reflectivity.

Research conducted by Zircotec on existing “gold” heatshields reportedly found that many did not actually contain gold; these were simply aesthetic finishes with no real improvement in heat reflectivity. Many products were copper-based and, while they were effective when new, the copper quickly oxidized when temperatures exceed 500°C, reducing its ability to reflect heat away. Furthermore, neither of the products tested offered any real protection from conductive heat.

“The reflective properties of gold have long been trusted to protect sensitive components against heat,” said Terry Graham, managing director. “However, real gold foil is rarely used; it is highly expensive and offers little or no protection against conducted heat. Our new products enable engineers to manage both forms of heat with a single gold finished coating or ZircoFlex GOLD heatshield product, thereby helping to solve packaging and installation issues.”

ZircoFlex GOLD heatshield is 0.17 mm thick and, at 230 g/m², is half the weight of the current ZircoFlex product. Combining superlight weight with its ability to be cut and folded reportedly allows it to be used for weight-sensitive or package-restricted applications such as Formula One, high-end motorsport, aerospace, or defense.

For additional information, visit www.zircotec.com