A new range of cyanoacrylate and anaerobic adhesives is now available. The range includes a universal surface-insensitive cyanoacrylate of medium viscosity that can reportedly bond many substrates in seconds; a fast-curing plastic and rubber cyanoacrylate of low viscosity; and a cyanoacrylate non-drip gel that reportedly stays in place when dispensed.

Four anaerobic threadlockers are included in the range:

  • A blue Nutlock—a medium-strength and oil-tolerant threadlocker that reportedly prevents corrosion and allows easy disassembly with hand tools
  • A red Studlock for permanent threadlocking of large bolts and studs that can prevent corrosion and only allows disassembly after heat has been applied and with tools
  • A green maximum-strength and high-temperature retaining compound suitable for close fitting cylindrical parts
  • A pneumatic and hydraulic threadsealant for locking high-pressure threads

For additional information, visit www.techsil.co.uk.