A new automated linear indexing system (A/LIS) can be added to this company’s texture analyzers. The A/LIS reportedly automates high-volume, repetitive testing that is often performed manually. The A/LIS automates texture analysis, which can accelerate the testing process, make testing more repeatable and accurate, and allow operators to focus on more sophisticated tasks.

The A/LIS integrates with the TA.XTPlus texture analyzer. Samples are mounted on quick-release plates, which can be clicked onto the A/LIS. The A/LIS is completely integrated with the TA.XTPlus’ Exponent software for entry of setup parameters, and the A/LIS offers walkaway automation, as operators can load multiple samples into the A/LIS and leave the A/LIS to run the tests.

For additional information, visit www.texturetechnologies.com.