Pilot Chemical Co. recently announced the completion of the largest infrastructure investment in the company’s history at its Middletown, Ohio, facility. Improvements and enhancements are intended to support the company’s strategy of serving customers efficiently with the highest quality products. Safety, handling and workflow processes for employees have also been upgraded.

“Pilot is committed to making investments that meet our goals of improving safety, effectively servicing our customers with high quality, innovative products and enhancing our reliability,” said Pam Butcher, president and CEO. “The expansion and equipment additions to the Middletown operation will facilitate continued innovation, along with the addition of capabilities and technologies that support our customers’ growth, all high priorities for Pilot.”

New storage tanks were installed, creating additional flexibility for trial runs. The increased storage capacity will hold a range of raw materials and finished goods, reportedly providing the ability to inventory products and better service distributors and customers.

Transportation infrastructure additions to the facility include new rail and truck loading racks, a second rail spur, and new loading and unloading docks for box trailers. The site access road has been lengthened with the addition of truck trailer parking.

For additional information, visit www.pilotchemical.com.