A new carbon black pigment that can reportedly produce stable waterborne pigment pastes within minutes is now available. Experimental Black XPB 430 was reportedly developed to deliver the high jetness and bluish undertones needed for durable, high-quality automotive base coats.

Rapid and thorough dispersion is essential to improve productivity and achieve waterborne coatings of highly consistent quality. This pigment can reportedly be dispersed directly in water and develops the final colorimetric properties within minutes without further milling or further wetting additives. The recommended paste formulation for XPB 430 contains no wetting agents–only water and a defoamer (at 0.5%).
In comparison tests with other commercial high-jet carbon black pigment powders, XPB 430 reportedly achieved high gloss and very low haze coatings with highest jetness values, combined with very strong bluish undertones. 

For additional information, visit www.orioncarbons.com.