H.B. Fuller recently announced net income for the first quarter of 2014 of $14.6 million, compared to $20.7 million in last year’s first quarter. Net revenue for the quarter 2014 was $486.0 million, up 1.3% vs. the first quarter of 2013.

“During the first quarter, we hit a number of key milestones on our transformation programs and we remain on track toward hitting our goal of 15% EBITDA margin in 2015, while still delivering the expected level of EPS during this quarter,” said Jim Owens, president and CEO. “Organic revenue growth of 2% was below last quarter’s results with strong revenue in Asia and Construction Products offset by weak revenue in Europe and slower than expected organic sales growth in the Americas through December, January, and February. We are pleased with our ability to adapt and deliver bottom-line results in the quarter as we manage significant internal projects and numerous external factors.”

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