Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in all aspects of the economy and manufacturing. The production of dental materials is no exception; here, too, sustainability is playing a crucial role in developing advanced, environmentally friendly technology. This technology embraces the principles of “green dentistry,” which has the following aims: continuous innovation, reducing waste, protecting resources, and ensuring the long-term health and well-being of patients.1

Another consideration is the fact that dentists play double roles as physicians and business people. As self-employed professionals, they need to pay special attention to both their level of medical expertise and the economic side of their business. In addition to time management and general administrative tasks, managing the cost of dental materials is crucial to improving efficiency.2

For hygienic reasons, many dental products are made for a single use. This includes mixing tips, which are used to mix and prepare impression materials and cements. After treatment, the mixer, including any material left inside, is thrown away. To help dentists work more efficiently and sustainably, Switzerland-based Sulzer Mixpac has optimized its mixing tips and introduced the T-MIXER™ with a significantly shorter tip.

The new blue model saves around 0.4 ml of material per crown and bridge (C&B) application, compared with its predecessor. If a dentist performs an average of four C&B sessions per day, this adds up to around 350 ml of savings every year, which is equivalent to seven 50-ml C&B cartridges. Assuming average costs of $100 per temporary C&B material cartridge, the new T-MIXER helps cut annual material costs by approximately $700. It also provides improved mixing results.

The new T-MIXER’s endorsement by The Dental Advisorunderlines its positive clinical evaluation. This product can help dentists to not only improve the health and well-being of their patients, but also to make their business more efficient.

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