Univar Inc. recently announced a joint venture with E.A. Juffali & Brothers, a Jeddah, Saudi Arabia-based company that is involved in chemicals and other industries. The joint venture will reportedly be a full distribution business headquartered in the country’s Eastern Province.

The venture will reportedly help both companies grow their presence around the world, giving Univar access to markets across the Middle East to better serve its customers in the region. The partnership combines Juffali’s infrastructure and knowledge of the local business and government environment along with Univar’s supplier relationships and logistics expertise.

“We are excited to begin this joint venture with E.A. Juffali & Brothers, which will allow us to access the critical Saudi Arabian distribution network and better serve our customers,” said Erik Fyrwald, president and CEO of Univar. “We look forward to bringing our focus on safety and distribution excellence as well as supplier relationships to what we know will be a successful long-term partnership.”

For more information, visit www.univar.com or www.juffali.com.