This company, a PHA biopolymer manufacturer, announced it has released two new videos depicting the process of creating its 100% biodegradable plastic and the benefits of moving away from petro-plastics to create a sustainable future.

“The videos we released depict the story of Meredian and the process of making our PHA,” said Paul Pereira, executive chairman to the Board of Directors. “We hope people watch the videos to learn about our efforts and the impact biopolymers can have on the environment and health of the world.”

The first video, “The PHA Cycle Animation,” explains the making of Meredian’s PHA biopolymer. The animated video takes viewers step by step to understand the PHA lifecycle from plants to plastics. It also presents the different products that can be made with PHA.

“A Portrait in Sustainability” focuses on the real-life applications of using the biodegradable plastic. Using Meredian’s PHA, DaniMer’s PLA and even the combination of both can help companies create the products they want without having to mine or deplete the earth and fill landfills with plastic that doesn’t biodegrade for several hundred years.

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