Jowat Corp. recently announced it has established subsidiaries in Columbia and Chile.

“We are stringently pursuing our strategy to address the whole American market beyond Canada and the U.S. via our U.S.-American affiliation,” said Klaus Kullmann, member on the Board of Directors of Jowat AG, with responsibilities for Marketing and Sales. “With its currently four South American subsidiaries, Jowat Corp. now has high sales potential in very promising regions with attractive growth markets.”

“In South America, we are seeing prospering economies with growth rates above international averages, and in consequence an increased demand for innovative industrial adhesives,” said Marco Kubitza, managing director for the new subsidiaries. “We have the capacities, the right products, and can supply these markets via our U.S.-American affiliation from its location in North Carolina, without any complicated logistics. The local political and commercial environments in Columbia and Chile are solid and facilitate cooperation.”

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