Jowat SE recently announced it has opened a new plant in Balakong, Malaysia. The new plant in the Industrial Park Bandar Enstek was built on an area of Jowat SE Opens New Plant in Malaysiaapproximately 45,000 sq m that is reportedly a favorable location for logistic reasons, since it is located near the Kuala Lumpur airport. With a staff of 80 employees, the plant is intended to function as a regional center for manufacture, applications and R&D, covering substantial parts of the company’s entire production portfolio.

“Malaysia is not an extension of our workbench, but an independent location and bridgehead, where we are also undertaking product R&D in order to provide the highest level of satisfaction for the requirements of local customers,” said Ralf Schelbach, Ph.D., vice president, Asia-Pacific. “Being close to the customer in this respect means to recognize his necessities as soon as possible and to convert these very fast into marketable adhesive systems.”

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