The RAMPF Group recently announced it has agreed to a sponsorship contract with Reutlingen University. This cooperation aims to bring about an intensive knowledge and technology transfer with the faculties of Applied Chemistry and Engineering.

“Application- and solution-oriented research lays the foundations for new products and technologies,” said Michael Rampf, CEO. “This is why we are supporting the faculties of Applied Chemistry and Engineering of Reutlingen University both financially and by sharing our specialist knowledge in the fields of engineering and chemical solutions. We look forward to lively exchanges and a mutually beneficial collaboration.”

Prof. Hendrik Brumme, Ph.D., president of Reutlingen University, emphasized that collaborations with medium-sized companies are vitally important for the university. “SMEs form the backbone of the German economy and are key drivers of innovation,” said Brumme. “In the RAMPF Group, we have a partner that is a global market leader in the fields of chemistry and engineering where our students can put their knowledge to good use and build on it.”

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