Active Minerals International (AMI) recently announced plans to expand capacity. The initiatives, according to president Dennis C. Parker, are aligned with increasing demand in AMI’s major markets and new developments in international coatings markets.

AMI’s process improvements reportedly will involve a number of projects, from de-bottlenecking to process efficiencies. In addition, existing classifiers are being upgraded to produce more paint grade products. Longer-term projects, supported by its mining reserves in the area, include expanded drier capacity allowing the company to meet the demands of global markets.

While Parker cites the rate of construction and infrastructure development in emerging economies as one factor increasing demand for attapulgite, he also said, “The strong interest in Active Minerals by international customers and distributors stems from the fact that paints and coatings professionals, from formulators to chief financial officers, recognize the world has only a handful of foremost authorities in attapulgite technology; and most of them are here at Active Minerals.”

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